About us

With more than 20 years PR/Marketing operation experiences, knowledge and worldwide marketing resources, CyberMedia is a global marketing team and created the CyberModz Platform in order to promote and enlarge the entire PC Hardware market and let PC DIY return to its glory.

CyberMedia is an international PR and communication firm specializing in the tech industry who provides full PR and marketing services, producing effective and creative solutions for brands to expand into global markets. CyberMedia is an expert at supporting products into their suitable market; connecting brand with the right target audience.

CyberMedia has resources, partners and colleagues around the world, including Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Chia, US and Latin America.

Therefore, CyberMedia has established CyberModz Platform

CyberModz Platform reaches out to all PC lovers, containing worldwide Modders, Brands, Media and PC Enthusiasts. Everyone can benefit from CyberModz!
About CyberModz

CyberModz plans and execute global or local competition as well as marketing promotions. Not to mention we plan to bring in campus DIY workshops that for sure will help expand the Modding community!

Every visitor can receive the latest global/local news, article, product and sales information and they can even purchase products directly!

Multiway connections and Multiple benefits

  • If you are an outstanding brand and manufacturer

    Join CyberModz to explore outstanding modders to sponsor, to help with the promotion of your brand image and sales.

  • If you are an incredible Modder

    Join CyberModz to increase benefits such as increase of exposures and publicity, Ads sharing, event participation….and so on.

  • If you are a passionate PC lover

    Stay tune for the most up-to-date articles provided by our excellent media partners and journalists!

Welcome all PC enthusiasts to join CyberModz and make PC DIY return to glory! Together!

CyberMedia Milestones