Blackwatch Genji

Project description

This will be a scratch build inspired from Genji (Overwatch) . Basically, the idea is to construct his body hanging from a wall. The parts will be placed inside the body that acts like his organs. Genji is known as a cyborg ninja and I think that it suits him the computer parts inside his torso. I can offer the sponsors the best exposure they can get. Specially considering the fan base of overwatch, the people that will reach this mod will be thousands. I'll also bring this mod on local events here in PH and I can also offer it to them to display my mod on their booth for some events.

Product Request

Case. Specification: custom ( made from fiberglass and metals) SSD. Specification: 500GB SSD DRAM. Specification: 2x 8GB DDR4 RAM Motherboard. Specification: Any X370 ITX motherboard Graphic Card. Specification: GTX 1080ti Cooling System. Specification: Custom Liquid Cooling System PSU. Specification: 700w Gold

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