KAGI by Rakk Gears Review and Unboxing

Kagi from Rakk Gears

Color Availability: White and Black Variant
Cube case

Rakk Gears is the gaming brand of EASY PC that represents many kinds of peripherals like mice, keyboard, chair, mouse pad, chassis and much more. Rakk Gears is the best bang for the buck product of EASY PC in the Philippines as of this moment since they are offering quality products at a lower price. The packaging has two styrofoam from both sides to protect the case. Also, it is covered with plastic to make sure the case is protected during shipping.Rakk Kagi is a gaming cube case that supports MATX and ITX motherboard. This case looks neat and you can have a decent case like this for only Php 1,795. Kagi is very presentable and easy to carry when you want to bring it anywhere like LAN party, rig shows or any events.The front cover includes a 200mm fan blue LED, mesh grill, and RAKK logo.The top panel has a big power button, reset button, USB 3.0 x 1 + USB1.1 x2, mesh grill and headphone socket. The SD/TF Reader is optional.At the back of the case, it has a 120mm fan compatibility, SSD cage, PSU mount and a GPU I/O cover.It has four rubber stands and a mesh grill for PSU. This case is advisable to all gamers or any users that need to save their space or workstation. Despite its size, it is very comfortable to build and manage your cables in this chassis. It supports up to 325mm GPU and it’s good enough for a MATX case like this.


I/O Ports: Real USB 3.0 x 1 + USB 1.1 x 2
Modular SSD/HDD Cage.
Mesh Grill (Bottom, Top, and Front)
17cm CPU cooler
32cm VGA
Cable Manager

Rakk Kagi
Pack of Screws
Precisions Screw
Zip Ties


Model: Kagi
Case Type: Micro-ATX
Dimensions (LxWxH): 345mm*265mm*330mm
Weight: N.W 2.75Kg ; G.W : 2.85Kg
Drive Bays: 5.25” * 2 + 3.5” * 2 + 2.5” * 4
Acrylic Side : Half Acrylic Left
I/O Ports: USB3.0 x 1 + USB1.1 x 2
Audio & Microphone

Exapansion Card Slots: 5
Motherboard Compatibility: Micro – ATX / Mini – ITX
CPU Cooler Compatibility: Up to 170mm
Weight: 2.75
Length : 34.5
Width : 26.5
Height: 33COOLING

Front: 20cm Fan * 1 Blue LED
Top: ABS + Iron Net; No cooling fan
Rear : 12cm Fan *1 (optional)
Bottom: Support 240mm water cooling system (optional)Conclusion

The case is compact and sleek and I would definitely recommend this for gamers and enthusiasts that want to save space on their workstation and budget. Cable management is easy since it provides enough room to hide the messy cables.


– Cable Management
– Micro-ATX Saves space
– Modular SSD/HDD Cages
– Very Affordable Price (For Php1,795.00 Black/White Variant)
– Windowed Side Panel
– Good Cooling Air Flow

–  Limited GPU Compatibility
–  No Rubber Grommets

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